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Surprise your loved ones this anniversary with a blast

The anniversary is the best time of the year to celebrate one's relationship. In fact, it is the ultimate way to say goodbye to the year which has passed by and at the same time greet a new year with the two lovers holding hand in hand. And to make the celebration simply an amazing experience, intricate planning is imperative. With flowers, decoration, cake, gifts and some music, a perfect ambiance can be created that vouches for a romantic feel. However, the entire exercise can seem to be a herculean task if not planned carefully. Here are some tips that can come in handy while beginning your preparation for your special anniversary

  • Planning in advance- A very crucial step, while planning a surprise is to plan in advance. Whether it is the theme of the party, choice of an anniversary cake, guest list or the food menu, planning in advance is always helpful. Apart from streamlining the sequence of work, it also helps to curb down any last moment tensions of stress. With a proper planning, things can be decided well in advance and a surety in terms of delivery of cakes, flowers, decorations or food can be guaranteed
  • Set up budget-Sounds a little cheesy but, setting up a budget is again an important step. A budget helps to narrow down choices and also ensures that no additional burden is caused to your pocket. So, whether you are planning on the food items for the anniversary party or the type and design of cake make sure a clear budget is allocated to all your spends.
  • Setting up the decoration arena-Decoration is also very vital when a group of people is being invited. The best way to go about decoration is to fix a particular theme. The theme could be romantic or lively or anything depending on the choice of the two individuals. Ensure that all the items required for decoration are booked in advance and are delivered to your place at least four hours in advance
  • Ordering a cake-An anniversary cake inevitably stands as the eye-catching and the most important part of the entire anniversary celebration. Hence, every care must be taken while booking order for cake delivery. With online portals, virtual stores and the world of internet, getting cakes delivered to any place across the continent just takes a few minutes. Though there are umpteen options available in the market, here is a list of a few of the types of cakes that can truly make your evening a memorable one
    • Fondant Cake-A very popular version which is paving its path for almost all kinds of anniversary cake is the fondant. Fondant cake is sometimes also popularly known as the 3D cake since the fondants can take up any desired form and can give the cake a mesmerizing appeal
    • Photo printed cake-Cakes that can be personalized with photos are also quite in vogue these days
    • Tier Cake-The traditional tier cake ( two or three-tier) is simply a feast for the eyes.

So with these tips, one can surprise one loved one and make a memorable day for them. 

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